Alfabet Lwiej Straży to piosenka promocyjna wykorzystywana na programie Disney Junior podczas przerw na reklamy. Jest wykonywana przez aktora głosowego Janjy, Andrewa Kishino.


A, antelope, amazing, awesome
Alphabetically, aardvark is the boss
And B, Bunga he's brave and bold
But Beshte is the biggest and the strongest so I'm told
And C, cheetah, can't nothing get past this
Daring all Enemies, Fuli is the fastest
G, gazelle, graceful, genteel
H, hyrax, no he's not a meal
I spy an insect, you spy it too
Like J for Janja
Janja: (mówiąc)
Tonight we strike!
Kion is a Lion
Like his grandfather Mufasa
Can I get a Nants ingonyama bagithi baba.
O for Ono
Patrolling the Pride Lands
Q for the Queen of these hardly ever Quiet Lands
R for Rafiki
S for Simba
T for Timon, you remember him
Usually it's very Very Wild EXciting
You, yes, you!
You're new, we're inviting
Z for zebra, black and white stripes
Just another part of the Circle of Life
Fierce, fast, brave, strong, keen in charge
Look out here comes the Lion Guard!


The Lion Guard A to Z - Alphabet Song00:52

The Lion Guard A to Z - Alphabet Song

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